Is fat the new black?

This story was run in the press on the same day as the inauguration of Obama for his second term, no coincidence there. According to the story, it seems the next republican presidential candidate will never make it to such a ceremony, apparently he is fundamentally flawed in such a way that the American people will never allow such a man to take office.  Forgetting the ins and outs of the democrat-republican nonsense for a moment and just going back through a random list of presidents and reviewing their flaws, it seems he can’t be sex addicted, that was fine, he can’t be a drug addict there have been a few of those, you can lose your brain to Alzheimer’s, that seems is no barrier to high office, alcoholism or at least hard drinking in high circles is a flaw that seems positively encouraged amongst presidents, so what heinous flaw could keep a man out of The Whitehouse? The man is fat. Chris Christie the man selected by the republicans for the top job, is wholeheartedly, unashamedly, in all his full-frontal glory, a fat man.

It is wondrous to me that the American people have somehow transcended the legendary racism endemic throughout the country to elect Obama, not once but twice, really, who’d have thought ?  But despite this magnificent societal turn-around, political experts have predicted that such is the depth of the American peoples’ body-prejudice that they will never elect a fat president, if this is indeed so, then has body fat prejudice now superceded skin colour ~ is Fat the new Black?

And what has body size in the same way as skin colour, got to do with a persons ability to get the job done? Does thinness equate to good leadership, better decision making and great statesmanship? Does the possession of body fat somehow preclude all these qualities ? How does that happen then? Bore me with the science why don’t you.

It seems the hugely popular Chris Christie has been elected Governor of New Jersey and to run for the top job because he is an effective leader, but how many other people with larger bodies have been overlooked, passed by, let go and otherwise maligned, how many continue to be marginalised and how many more gifted people with larger bodies will come up against the body-facists and fat-phobists who will deny them entry to the all-thin-exclusive club of the successful?

I could give you a list of world-changing people with amazing brains situated inside fat bodies for which I can give grateful thanks, but lets just pick one…..

Too fat to lead a country?  – Tell it to Winston Churchill